The Fun Book Club – is there such a thing?

Have you ever been in a book club? A really good book club? I hope so.  Studies show that socializing is beneficial to your health, it’s really another component of wellness. Take a peek at this article:

Whether you’re an avid reader of the latest best sellers or you prefer the movie version, you can have a lot of fun with a book club.  I am so fortunate to be involved with a group of creative, enthusiastic, fantastic women who make up our Fun Book Club. (It’s actually called The Fun Book Club!)

Each member takes a turn hosting the meeting – but really there’s no pressure if hosting’s not your thing – we all love a night out, so a restaurant is a perfectly reasonable choice. So is a cooking class, a trip to the theatre, volunteering – we are really a social club disguised as a book club 😉 Actually doing those things that I only read about on other blogs!

The host chooses the book for her meeting (sometimes it comes down to a vote). Some great picks so far for us –  The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, yearofyes-motherlode-tmagArticleFuriously Happy by Jenny Lawson, Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes.

She then takes over controls of the club for the month i.e. sends out reminder emails and….uhhh…that’s about all there is to running the book club.

The meeting has to have a fun component to it. That was
a loose rule butthe most important rule, and it has been pretty cool to see how it’s played out with each host. Usually she decorates in the books theme, gives us lots of yummy treats … and we’ve fallen into the awesome habit of the take home loot bag – so FUN! (One meeting was made up of food, drink, manis foot bathand pedis!!)

We met at a restaurant for our Christmas meeting, and we invited the husbands to come along.  We didn’t talk about books at all, really just had a fun night out.  We were all kind of giddy and excited anyway, made even more so,when the men decided to reconfigure the seating plan and moved all of the tables into a large square so that we were all facing each other!  It was great because most of the men knew a few of the other men, so it wasn’t awkward at all, and given that these women were handpicked for the club, because of their fabulous personalities, it’s only logical that the husbands would be able to hold their own, and they did.

Oh! Oh! Oh! – The most exciting part of our book club is the SHOPPING PART!! YES – there is shopping involved!!!!

I borrowed this idea from my friend Michèle (thank you so  much Michèle!!) each month,we all put $25 in the pot, and draw for a winner. The winner m
ust use her jackpot to buy somebikini topthing cool for herself and present it at the next meeting. How awesome is that?? I know its got nothing to do with books, and we all realise that we are each paying $25 every month, so we should break even, but using authentic awesome woman logic, we ignore that fact and celebrate each winner every month!Its really awesome to see what each person chooses to treat herself with – one woman bought some bikinis to take with her on her hone2523850043_ae9f7128ee_oymoon, another bought a beautiful christmas figurine to remind her of her book club friends (awwww) and we wee all on the edge of our seats when Shannon pulled out that beautiful blue box with the white ribbon – you know what I’m talking about!

Be careful little eyes what you see…

Negative thoughts are a way of life in North America – and you probably don’t even realize that you do it.
There are even “positive” posts on Facebook and instagram – that are anything but, and they are affecting the way you think about situations, other people, and ultimately yourself.18839989152_9a8a255472_o

I saw an ‘inspiring’ post that read: “Don’t stress over what you can’t control.”


How do you feel reading that? I know how I felt – I just realized that there is a shitload of stuff out there that I can’t control… and guess what?  Now I feel out of control and stressed about it!

A more positive, truly inspiring message might read something like : Step out confidently and own the day.
or how about this one:
I am strong, I am beautiful, I am enough.  Actually, I really like this one – say it with me: I am strong, I am beautiful, I am enough.  I am strong, I am beautiful, I am enough.  I am strong, I am beautiful, I am enough!! 

Feel better? I thought so.

Sure those don’t directly address stress, but we already have stress in our lives, we all have things we can’t control. Don’t give it any more power than it already has, by bringing it into your moment.

(I wanted to make a Kanye joke here, but that pretty much goes against what I’m trying to get across…)

Focus on the good stuff, seriously, FOCUS ON THE GOOD STUFF.
By reframing your words, you will reframe your thoughts…and it feels sooo good!

You are awesome.

I was at a conference recently and we were challenged to come up with our personal mission statement. Actually we were encouraged to go up to the microphone and proclaim our mission, and what we would do if money were no object. (Guess which one is easier to answer…)

So, after thinking long and hard about yachts and cottages and Fiji, it was time to come up with my own inspired mission.  I knew that to truly honour the exercise, and myself,  my mission would have to be rooted in something that comes naturally, my ‘gift’ as it were. So I came up with this.

My mission is to help you become a better person.


Scratch that – you’re already awesome.

My mission is to help you see that you ARE a better person than you think you are, that more things are possible than you can imagine, that good things can happen to everyone – ESPECIALLY YOU, whether you think you deserve it or you don’t (spoiler alert – you do deserve it)!

I want to UPLIFT as many people as i possibly can.

There, thats more like it.

you can do amazing things


….more to come….