You will be terrible….

Gah!  Not exactly inspiring is it?  I borrowed the idea for this title from another article I read….well, okay I briefly glanced at it, out of a morbid concern about the message.  Turns out, it was a positive/negative spin on motivation.  I am a firm believer in positive reinforcement and positive encouragement – but I really like this message.

The idea behind the post is to just do it.  You are not going to be amazing right off the bat – and that is a pretty important message for us and our kids to have.

We live in an era of immediate gratification, fast food, netflix, credit etc – are all ways that we can get what we want immediately without having to wait.  As parents, I think it’s even harder to teach hard work and effort, success and failure when our kids are being lured by the satisfaction of having whatever they want now, than it was years ago, when we had to wait for a movie to be released, and if you missed it, you wouldn’t get another chance to see it….ever.  (Until years later when they were released on those giant discs, and you had to go to the store to rent a disc player….)

That sense of immediate gratification gravitates also towards our kids achievements.  No one gets left out, every kid gets a medal.

It is important for people to understand that not everything they do is going to medal worthy – maybe’participant medal’ worthy, but not amazing, inspiring or transformative…but it IS important to START – and to persevere.

Read the original message here:


Author: positively sharron

I am a chronic traveller, a classic empath, and lover of common sense. Love good food and a healthy lifestyle. My 3 boys are now men so I am adjusting to life on the farm with animals and the hubs.

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