it takes a village…

I always admired the idea of an entire village working together for the betterment of raising a decent human being. I assume this still happens around the world, in fact I know that it does – I witnessed it in a Masai village in Kenya. But you don’t often see that here, in urban-ish North America.

I didn’t think we had a village. All along, it has been the hubs and me making all of the decisions, occasionally bouncing things off of friends, teachers, colleagues. One day, my son announced that he would be performing at a high-profile club in Toronto – of course we were going to go, this was so awesome!!! At the last minute, friends of our asked if they would be able to get tickets. We managed to snag some from the performers (it was a SOLD OUT show!) everyone made the 90 minute drive into Toronto. The show was fantastic, our son shone in his performance.
It wasn’t until the drive home that it struck me how amazing it was to have people in our lives who cared about our family, and were celebrating our sons success. It brings me to tears. I have never known this feeling before. We have often gone to see friends kids play baseball or hockey and of course we cheered them on and congratulated them after the game, but never have we ever had someone go out of their way to not only support one of our kids, but to genuinely wish them all the best, being as proud as their own parents. That night, I felt “the village”.

I felt “the village” again a few weeks later, when our family needed one – and if you know what I’m talking about, then you are part of my village. We love you and thank you for being a part of our lives.

When you are grateful for the wonderful people in your life, they just keep appearing.
I am so very grateful.

Author: positively sharron

I am a chronic traveller, a classic empath, and lover of common sense. Love good food and a healthy lifestyle. My 3 boys are now men so I am adjusting to life on the farm with animals and the hubs.

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