You are awesome.

I was at a conference recently and we were challenged to come up with our personal mission statement. Actually we were encouraged to go up to the microphone and proclaim our mission, and what we would do if money were no object. (Guess which one is easier to answer…)

So, after thinking long and hard about yachts and cottages and Fiji, it was time to come up with my own inspired mission.  I knew that to truly honour the exercise, and myself,  my mission would have to be rooted in something that comes naturally, my ‘gift’ as it were. So I came up with this.

My mission is to help you become a better person.


Scratch that – you’re already awesome.

My mission is to help you see that you ARE a better person than you think you are, that more things are possible than you can imagine, that good things can happen to everyone – ESPECIALLY YOU, whether you think you deserve it or you don’t (spoiler alert – you do deserve it)!

I want to UPLIFT as many people as i possibly can.

There, thats more like it.

you can do amazing things


….more to come….